Queen’s Award for Biomethane-to-Grid company

CNG Services has won the UK Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation. The jury recognised the role CNG has played in getting ‘green gas’ into homes and companies via UK gas networks. To win the award, CNG Services demonstrated how it pioneered biomethane-to-grid technology. The first commercial connection was at Poundbury in 2012 where DMT delivered the Carborex MS 650 for upgrading the biogas to biomethane. CNG has a total of 73 projects by July 2016, DMT has delivered 12 of them! The director of CNG Services, Mr. Baldwin: “I’m delighted we’ve won this award and I hope that it will make more people aware they can now get green gas for their central heating and cooking and companies can use it in manufacturing processes or to fuel commercial gas trucks.” (read more here)