DMT in Dutch ‘Financial Times’

In the special ‘Sustainable Society, the way to a circular economy’ which was published together with the Dutch ‘Financial Times’ (Financieel Dagblad), DMT is mentioned as the provider of biogas upgrading systems, and as developer of new technology for greengas and Bio-LNG. Within her challenge to create a clear and prosperous future, DMT has invested considerably in Bio-LNG technology and to develop it so far that it can be presented to the world market. With a reason. Bio-LNG has been proven to be the most efficient offer for CO2 reduction. The Well to Wheel CO2 emission can be downscaled with 70% if we introduce Bio-LNG to the transportsector. Different multinationals have already shown their interest in adjusting their trucks or ships. Together with the other inspiring articles in this special the Netherlands are presented as the center of environmental technologies, as a circular hotspot.

(Article in Dutch:)