CarborexMS 500 built in Warmenhuizen

B-Four Agro is a company that grows tasteful lettuce for different supermarkets in the Netherlands. With the building of ‘B4-Energy’ it aims to produce two million Nm3 green gas per year. On the 21st of October a CarborexMS 500 was placed next to the digester on its property in Warmenhuizen. In due time 1,500 Dutch households in the area can benefit from it. For input and feedstock the digester will use 16,000 tons of biomass per year, coming from agricultural waste streams from B-Four Agro and agricultural companies in the area. After digesting, which takes about twenty days, the biogas will be upgraded by a CarborexMS biogas upgrading system to pure biomethane. This green gas will be injected in the local grid to provide households as well as greenhouses and the B-Four Agro culture systems at the end of 2016. Nice detail: ‘Warmenhuizen’ stands for ‘warm houses’.